Wavr was started in Sweden 2016, around the time of the VR craze. Our intention is to create the best experiences, games and utilities using existing and future VR/AR technology. During 2016 we assembled a team of technical nerds, creative misfits and financial experts, mainly from the Swedish gaming industry, and teamed up with a number of tech companies to help us in our crazy quest of making the virtual world the best possible place to be.

If you are into Oculus Rift or Gear, Hololens, HTC Vive, Daydream, Tango, Meta 2, Cardboard, Playstation VR or any other cool stuff and have ideas, visions or just a funny story don’t hesitate to contact us. While we are developing our own visions and products we are open for suggestions, co-operations or even just have interesting discussion on the future of VR.

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