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Every dream, every idea and groundbreaking leap changing our world starts with the passion of talented creators. We are passionate about raising the bar of what is possible in this world. Augmented and Virtual Reality are technologies that truly lets us explore the unknown, dream of things that never were and push boundaries.

With a deep commitment to R&D, a culture of constant innovation and curiosity, and a focus on efficient use of hardware to deliver the best possible user experience.

/ Avem33

VR Arcade Game, Free to play, Oculus Gear/Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream/Cardboard

Released on Oculus/Samsung Gear
Submitted to Google Daydream/Cardboar
Preparing for submit to Steam (HTC Vive / Oculus Rift)

Avem33 has been developed to proove that our concept of native implementation for respective platform can be united into our codebase. We are proud to say this game is easy to play, dont cause nausea yet pushes the boundries of what VR enabled devices can perform. We are going to iterate on the platform and produce several games based on the same genre. The Game is free to play

Its all about the high score, can you beat it? Follow the trail of the markers as they will give you more points. In the ambient atmosphere beware of hitting the buildings, if you do you race is over. The track will be more difficult the longer you stay alive thus the high score will be hard to beat every race. Don't let the ever shifting ambient and sometimes eerie skies fool you, they are there to distract you from...well....beating the record! Go for it!

/ Dotr

VR Puzzle Game, Free to play, Oculus Rift HTC Vive

Under development in Unity for Steam where we are elaborating with using roomscale properly over various VR enabled devices. The physical limitations of a human person must be taken in consideration when developing games to create a immersive and fun experience without causing nausea or for that matter be too slow and booring

Join the magical dragonorbs as fast as you can but do not let them touch the maze. The Orbs contain the little fellows the magic of the world is built upon so set as many as you can free in you limited amount of time. Most of the orbs are good but we careful with the bad ones, they might limit you ability to set the record. It goes without saying agility is of the essence in this fun puzzle game.


The AWA project uses cheap low power IMU's together with our in-house developed sensor fusion technology, printable wiring and simple BLE networking into a wearable motion tracking solution for mobile applications. Use-cases range from sports and fitness, workplace safety to mobile VR and AR gaming.

Project focus is on producing a low cost consumer level product that can be incorporated in fitness, fashion or safety garments that works together with mobile phones in a convenient and effortless way.

/ HoloCV

Object recognition & Augmented Reality for industrial use.

The HoloCV project combines the use of computer vision and object recognition in continuous sensor streams with the use of holographic AR display systems. The aim is low latency realtime AR decision support system for field operators.


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